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IOT-Ready Alliance™ Partners and Supporters


Property owners, REITs and tenants all expect the next generation of LED lighting and other IoT smart building systems will use open standards to avoid vendor lock-in, integrate seamlessly with Wi-Fi infrastructure to lower deployment costs, and address the security shortfalls of legacy systems. We joined and support the IoT Ready Alliance because they espouse these goals, and are working to ensure that lighting systems deliver a better, more energy efficient user experience without compromising convenience, manageability or network security. - Michael Tennefoss, VP Strategic Partnerships, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company


A human centric lighting system requires deep insight of customer and end user needs, and the ability to deliver value at scale. We realize this paradigm shift in the lighting industry offers enormous opportunity for end-to-end solutions within a connected ecosystem. The IoT Ready Alliance is building a powerful industry standard to address this paradigm shift by defining the interface between lighting and data to accelerate the adoption of IoT and realize its benefits for end users. We are excited to be part of this next phase of lighting. - Tim Lester, CEO, Bridgelux


Click Technology Co

IoT will be like smart phones in our daily life. Click thinks that the IoT Ready Alliance will greatly promote the product compatibility among its members. It will accelerate the adoption of smart lighting technology. It will greatly benefit the industry, its members, and the most important, the end consumers. We fully support the Alliance with our design, engineering, and manufacturing capability. - Qiang Li, Click Technology Co., Ltd

Deco Logo

Beyond simple illumination, working with the IoT-Ready Alliance enables DECO's next-generation lighting systems to forever change the way we interact with the spaces in which we live. - Fabian Lucero, DECO


IoT-based lighting systems have tremendous potential to optimize energy efficiency and bring new kinds of value to the lighting and building industries and beyond. By standardizing the interface between these IoT systems and the luminaires they are attached to, the IoT-Ready alliance is addressing an essential aspect needed to unlock the full technology potential and enable widespread adoption. - Gabe Arnold, Technical Director, Design Lights Consortium™

There is tremendous urgency to enable today's shipping LED luminaires to be easily upgraded with IoT technology. Otherwise, these buildings are condemned to be unintelligent for the entire lifecycle of those fixtures. Fifteen or more years is a long time for building owners to have another chance. With IoT-Ready™ fixtures, customers can install future-proof LED luminaires in their buildings. - Joe Costello, CEO, Enlighted


The IoT-Ready™ Alliance promises to accelerate industry efforts to deliver a large and interoperable ecosystem of connected lighting products for commercial properties. LED drivers are the natural place to embed intelligence for lighting controls, and integrate with a variety of sensors, to form the backbone for access to Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We call it the Internet of Lights. - Michael Archer, CEO, ERP Power

We believe that intelligent luminaires are a key enabler of next generation productivity improvements and cost savings. The IoT Ready® program facilitates an easy, rapid, and cost-effective adoption through integration of technology and industrial design. This ensures that Focal Point luminaires can easily be used in a wide variety of spaces, thus enhancing the occupants' quality of life and contributing to sound building management. - Mike Thornton, CMO, Focal Point

The Big Data that is used by IOT systems must be collected by sensors, and Shenzhen Lighting Control Co believes that light fixtures are a great vehicle for these sensors. We are excited to be involved in the IOT Ready Alliance, which will enable future IOT applications that make people's lives more convenient and efficient. - ShenZhen Lighting Control Co Ltd


MEAN WELL is excited to about IoT Ready Alliance in which we strongly believe we can revolutionize the landscape of lighting industry. - MEAN WELL USA, Inc.


The IoT-Ready Alliance benefits our customers by allowing them to choose Orion’s long-lifetime, best-in-class luminaries without feeling like they are locked into today’s sensor technology," said Sam Watts, VP business solutions group at Orion Energy Systems. "This initiative will allow customers to benefit from the convergence of lighting with advanced IoT technology to unlock business benefits, while allowing for the flexibility to quickly respond to future needs. - Sam Watts, VP, Business Solutions Group, Orion Energy Systems

Selux believes that the IOT is the future, and the IOT-Ready Alliance is establishing the standards to make the future a reality. By standardizing ways to easily integrate IoT into lighting, we are helping our customers be ready for this future. - Lauri Blake, Product Manager, Selux


To realize the full potential of advanced lighting systems for both suppliers and end customers, a modular ecosystem must evolve that is scalable, interoperable, upgradeable, and heterogenous in nature,” said Dennis Almedia, Business Operations Manager at Silergy Technology. “The IoT-Ready Alliance is uniquely positioned to accelerate this evolution into the age of IoT where there is a strong duality with customers across facilities and IT groups. - Silergy

We are very pleased key players from the lighting industry have come together to meet the needs of our customers, and Tridonic is a driving part of it. IoT-Ready™ future-proofs lighting fixtures so that customers do not have to worry about forward compatibility to upcoming technology upgrades that are expected in the fast-developing world of IoT. - Guido van Tartwijk, CEO, Tridonic

Universal Lighting Technologies

Universal Lighting Technologies (a member of the Panasonic Group) is excited to be a contributing member of the IoT Ready Alliance. As the IoT segment grows it will be imperative for the industry to operate under standardized protocols. We see this as a proactive way to help define these protocols and ensure the industry has the ability to offer interoperability to end users so that they can in return receive the best possible user experience. - Chris Holstein, Universal Lighting Technologies

USAI Lighting

Life is dynamic and our built environments must become increasingly smart and responsive to the needs of the people who live, work, and play in them. Joining the IOT-Ready Alliance means our products will be future-proofed with ever-expanding responsive lighting and data capabilities for the next generations. - Bonnie Littman, President and CEO, USAI Lighting