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Don’t condemn the building to be un-intelligent for the entire lifetime of the lighting fixture.
Make it IoT-Ready™ 

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IOT Ready 

IOT-Ready Alliance™

The IoT-Ready Alliance™ is an industry organization working to make it easy for all LED lighting fixtures and the buildings they are installed to be made “smart’ by simply plugging in a compatible IoT sensor.

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About the IOT-Ready Alliance

Enlighted CEO Joe Costello describes why having a standard way of installing sensors into light fixtures is urgently needed, what the IoT-Ready Alliance is doing about it, and how organizations can get involved.

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IOT-Ready News

New IoT-Ready™ Alliance to Establish Industry Standard for IoT Sensor Installation in LED Lighting Fixtures

Industry-leading organizations like Enlighted, Tridonic and DesignLights Consortium™ are working to establish a standard for “IoT-Ready™” light fixtures that can easily be upgraded with sensors and connectivity modules after installation. Philadelphia – May 9, 20... Read More ›